Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sam's Lesson

Sam made a request last week, that he be allowed to teach the family night lesson this week. Jer and I thought that was a great idea, so we made a family home evening chart, hung it out for all to see, and waited for the fun to begin! With my kids, you never have to wait long:

Sam's lesson materials: a 'Santa's elf' doll, a skeleton hand he got from Uncle Matt, some pennies, and a clacking noise maker toy.

"Once, there were two boys who always followed the commandments. And Heavenly Father blessed them. So, if we want to be like them, we should follow the commandments."
Then, using the doll, and holding the skeleton hand on the end of the doll's arm, he scooped up the pennies and told us, "If you do, then Heavenly Father will scoop you up to Him, and hold you close to Him forever and ever."

It was very Rastafarian.
I thought it was actually pretty brilliant.

But, the fun didn't end there. He still had segment 2: the noise maker. As he swung it, and it clacked, he asked us, "Is this what the Holy Ghost sounds like? NO! It's NOT!" Then whispering, "It sounds like this!" Then yelling, "SO YOU BETTER LISTEN!"

But the fun still wasn't over. He then proceeded to pass out papers, so we could all write a poem. Sam's poem was especially nice: "My Eternl famly will bee with me four evr."

He wrapped it up with the ever traditional, "Amen."
Amen, Sam. Amen!

I think he has a future in teaching....

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  1. Yay! That is so cute Tiffany! I cant believe how big your kids are getting and Sam is obviously listening in primary and being tought really well. Way to go Sam!