Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mish Mash

Just so everyone knows: Abby is amazing! She is officially reading. We sat down to practice sounding out words, yesterday. She read "sad" "and" "in" "how" and "but", all by herself. (She laughed hysterically at that last one, until I explained it's not that kind of "butt".)

What a girl! 

She is turning 5 on Thursday and can NOT wait to have a sleepover party with her cousins to celebrate! She told me, though, that she is most excited to start sleeping dry at night. This may be a result of my current attempts to brain wash her.

Yes, I said brain wash.

Me: "You know, Abby, big 5 year old girls don't pee in their pull ups at night! They get up in the morning and they are dry! And then they go straight to the toilet! They only pee in the toilet." Her: "Oh!" It's an awesome conversation. One I enjoy having several times each day, in fact.

I'm really hoping it works!

Recently, I told her I had to 'pay the piper', for my bad planning. Flabbergasted, she asked, "Well, can't you just get your cash back?!!"

Sam is turning 8 this year. So, of course, Baptism has been a hot topic at our house. Last night at dinner, I was explaining how when a person is baptised, they are dipped all the way under the water and all their sins are washed away, and when they come up out of the water, it's like they are brand new with no sins at all. He told us, "Yeah. that why I'm being extra good!"  Us: "What do you mean, Sam?!" Him:"Well, that way, I won't have to be under the water very long."

After dinner, he and Abby went into the next room to play 'Sonic #2'(a game where they each choose a character, and then act out the 'video game' they are imagining). He called dibs on Sonic, then told Abby she could be Tails and informed her in his 'all business' voice, "You're character doesn't talk." She consented, and off they went to play. Him chattering pleasantly, and her not saying a word.

(I sat in the kitchen listening to all this, wishing I'd known sooner that it could be so easy!)

Last week, me and my partner in crime took our Bear Den to tour the police station. Since Jer wasn't home, I took the kids along with us. When we got to the part where you get to look into the holding cells, Sam wandered inside the cell. I heard him say, "Oh, look! A toilet!!" He then proceeded to walk over to it, pull out his unit and go pee. With the entire scout den, plus one cop, standing in the doorway watching in abject horror. I didn't know whether to die laughing or die of embarrassment. But I definitely wanted to die! What a boy!!

Jonny doesn't even have to open his mouth, or do anything at all, to put a smile on my face. I'll let his picture do the talking:

Any way you paint it, these kids are great, and I am so, SO glad they're mine!!