Sunday, April 25, 2010

Miscellaneous Mumbo Jumbo

Jeremy is making a job transition. We're not sure what it is, except that it is a transition. He has been working on a contract for United Health Care. But they are canceling their contract. So, he is either going to work for them directly, or else going to work on another contract, or else going to find another job. We won't know which until the end of this week, when everything plays out. We do know that we do not want him to be out of work in this economic climate, which is a slim chance, but still possible. Prayers are appreciated! It is pretty stressful having everything so up in the air. At least if we knew where things were going, we could start planning....

Jonny is not sleeping at night. For several weeks, he has been waking up every hour all night long. (except for a few days when he has gotten up every few hours instead of every single hour) It is exhausting!! It seems the reason for his waking is that he wants his binky. He might be teething. But, he's definitely not sick! I know for sure that I would like to get more than 1-2 hours of sleep at a time!! I need some serious insipiration, because my sanity may be riding on getting him to sleep better. Again, Prayers are appreciated!!:)

There is a sister in our ward who is a teacher. Every week during the "good news" portion of opening the meeting, she updates us on how close school is to being out. Today, she said 26 days. We have gone from counting weeks to counting days. Am I looking forward to seeing more of Sam, not rushing through the morning, having someone around for Abby to play with, and all the fun activities that summer break will bring: yes! Will those things make up for  the already constant fighting between my kids that can only get worse with added time together, the "mom-I'm-bored's", and the inevitability of Abby's naps (and my daily quiet time) becoming ancient history: time will tell!! Once again, prayers are appreciated! Also appreciated are summertime tricks/ideas for keeping my kids entertained....

On the upside: Spring is here and my flowers are blooming, Jonny rolled over last week for the first time, Jeremy finished our new pantry (pictures to come), all our started seeds sprouted and are on their way to being food, the spraying we had done for wasps worked: they are no longer building nests in the yard, and we are all healthy and happy.....

Now a deep breath and let's see if I can get through this week with a smile on my face.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ode to Hippos

By: Sam

 "Hippos: Very big dangerous tusks"
 "A Hippo has very dangerous tusks. Sharp enough to kill you like THAT. 
If you see one bite, call the hospital right away."

"Hippos are about 2 fully grown men! And weigh up to 500 pounds! Enough to blow your pants off"

The end.