Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jonny's Birthday: the party!

So, Most of the pics turned out blurry, but I wanted to share what did turn out!

 He was SO cute opening gifts! He got excited about each and every one!!

 Cool stacking barrels from Uncle Alex and Aunt Whitney!

 His first ride on the Fire Truck he got from mom and dad! (I think he likes it!!)

 Even books got him all excited. It was SO cute!!

Every boy needs a faux fur hat! (right?!) Well, this boy does, anyway!

 Jonny's first Birthday Cake
A good time was had by all. Big, big thanks to everyone who came! We were so excited to share his Birthday celebration with the people we love best!!

Monday, November 8, 2010

The best thing I have ever seen!!

So, my mom is officially my hero. This weekend, I went to see her perform in front of at least a hundred people, in a belly-dancing show. It was, without a doubt, the absolute best thing I have ever seen in my entire life! Not only did she perform, she shook her junk like a kid shaking a present on Christmas morning. Mom, you are seriously my hero!! I love you.

Mom is the one on the end of the row. She was wearing all white, so with the lights shining on her, it messed with the camera a bit. But, I think you can still see what she's doing pretty well.

...We're taking a belly dancing class together in February. I'm SO excited!! And, you are all invited to join us.

Jonny's Birthday: the invitation and decorations!

Here are some pics of Jonny's Birthday, pre-party! I have to do this in 2 parts, because Jer took all the party pics with his phone, and he's at to have to get those later! We had SO much fun putting this party together!!

The night of his Birthday, we celebrated with just our family.
 He LOVED the red balloons we blew up for his party!

 He was so darling, laughing and smiling, and just totally amazed that we were singing to HIM!

 Abby and Sam both picked out some very cute cars to give him!!
 He also got some very cool new sippy cups! Man, this kid can get excited about anything!!

The next day we celebrated his Birthday with our extended family. I decided to go with a "Red Party" theme, for our favorite little red-head!
 The table-scape, pre-food.

 It turned out so cute!!!

 The cake was my favorite part! My mom and I master-minded it.

 A little flourish in the family room.

It's not a Birthday Party without a banner, right?!