Monday, December 14, 2009

The Sanderson Family 2009

I was waiting to post this until we had someone take a pic of all of us together on Christmas...I still don't have one, but here you go, anyway:

I've never been one for sending Christmas cards. I know I should be. It just...never happens. Somewhere amid the madness of the holidays, the cards never get ordered. So, you get a blog this year!! It counts, doesn't it?? As long as I send it with a wish to all of you for a very Prosperous year!? (and I do!) So, here we go: a year in the life of the Sanderson Family:

We started the year off great!
1 - In March, we found out baby number 3 was on the way.
2- Also, the lease for our Karate School Expired. Jer formed a partnership with the Pierce's who took over running the school, so Jeremy could focus on just teaching classes, and I could focus on just being pregnant. We moved the school to a new location, and away from our previous crazy landlord. Hallelujah!
3- We also planted a HUGE garden, but first we put in some infrastructure. Lots of work. I'm not gonna lie: Jer did most of it!

4- We had an awesome mini-vacation to Yuba Lake in August. We all had a great time and it was nice to get away from it all. We camped next to the water, and just played in the sun all day for a few days.

Sam turned 6 this year. He started 1st grade with some nerves about being away from home all day, but soon found that he truly enjoys school!! He has been learning so fast I can hardly believe it. He spends almost all his spare time reading, and is currently reading the chapter books by himself. He just finished first book in the Harry Potter series, and is now reading an Orson Scott Card book. Not only is he reading it, but he also understands the story and asks questions about what he is reading. It's pretty cool (if not totally nerve racking) to have such a smarty pants of a boy. He's developing a love for soccer. He recently told his grandma that, "Soccer is my life." He lives to make people laugh...and will do anything to get that laugh. Most of the time he's a crack up just by being himself. (see other posts for more details...)

Abigail is getting so big! She turned 3 last January and so is nearly 4. She and I had a great time spending time together, just the two of us, while Sam was at school and before the baby came. She is all about being a princess. It's all hair bows and ponies and pink dress-ups in Abby's world. She spends her time playing pretend and singing and dancing, and we love watching her have so much fun!! She's pretty sweet. She got a big girl bed this year, and moved downstairs to a room next to Sam's. They're the best of friends and love playing together.

Jeremy is still working for Aculis during the day, and enjoying that. It's a great company, and we feel very blessed that he has a good job in these tough times. He works on a contract for United Healthcare, testing software that helps process claims more efficiently. He is also still teaching Martial Arts at Bushi Ban, but is taking a break to help me adjust to having 3 kids! He's been super busy as the Scout Master for our ward. He really enjoys working with boys, when they show up!! He also officially graduated! Even though he earned his bachelor's degree last year, he had to wait until this last spring to 'walk'. It was very exciting to see him do that, and we're so very proud of his accomplishment!

I've been busy, too!! I spent most of the year pregnant, but it was a great pregnancy. Jer and I had planned a home-birth again (we had Abby at home, and loved it!) But, our baby boy had other plans! My water broke 4 weeks early, so we headed to the hospital to have the safety-net of modern medicine for our little preemie. Jonathan "Jonny" Jay Sanderson was born on November 6th. He came out just perfect and pink, weighing in at 5 lbs 10 oz and 19 inches. He's growing like a weed, gaining 4 lbs in 6 weeks! I've also been busy as the Enrichment Leader for our ward. I have really liked planning and executing the RS activities for the sisters in our ward. I'm making great friends and just falling in love with our area!

Our sweet new addition, Jonny.

We hope you've all had as great a year as us, and that this letter finds you happy and healthy!

With Love, Tiffany, Jeremy, Sam, Abby, and Jonny


  1. Your family is so cute! Great job on the blog. the pics are so cute and I am so proud of the garden! Here is a Tiff phrase " How cute is that slideshow" thanks for sharing and for New Year wish! Love you! Shell-Bell

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOOO yea!! This counts as a card. Love you all.
    Steve and Roxane

  3. I have to tell you. Not only do I think you are the greatest couple, but you have some pretty terrific little ones you have brought into this world too. What great parents and wonderful examples you are. You are both growing in so many ways and I am so proud that you are my niece and nephew.

    Love you tons and tons.
    Aunt Tracy

  4. I need to do your pictures still! Oh no! I'm sorry! When do you want to do that?

  5. Ummm....I'll let you know. The hospital bills have begun, and we're going to be on a 'to-the-dollar' budget for the next several months. I didn't mean anything by that 'we still don't have one''s def my fault we haven't done pictures yet, b/c I just didn't schedule the time with you, and now we're broke. I hate being broke! But, luckily it's a temporary state!