Tuesday, December 22, 2009

My little darlings

Last night, my dad's family did a service project we do every year...it's an annual trip to the Rehab Ward at the V.A. Hospital! We usually just take up gift bags for them, but this year we did a program, too!! Here are the videos of my children performing:

This is her favorite Christmas song. She walks around singing it all day, lately.

He actually wrote this. Very sweet!! I'll have to get a transcript and write down the poem in another post....

I also have to add a little bit about the cute mix-ups Abigail has been having. You may hear her sing such Christmas favorites as:

"Tinker bells" (tinker bells, tinker bells, tinker all the way!)
"I wish you were a Merry Christmas" (...and a happy new year!)

And she'll be singing them to 'Christmas Steve'. You know, the guy who brings you presents on the night before Christmas, aka Christmas Eve?! Not sure how this last one happened, but it's pretty cute, anyway!


  1. I watched and listened with sheer delight at your page...


    re: the video.

    Now, re: "get a transcript" -- how can I help?

    If you need a transcript of anything I'm at www.VerbatimIT.com or you can reach me by phone at 802-578-3789

    Alan Kelly.

  2. So stinkin cute. I love Christmas traditions w little kids. That's the good stuff life is made of!!