Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Getting the girls"

Since when...

did I get so out of it? If you've been reading my blog, you've guessed by now that Sam is kinda the comedian in the family. Yesterday was no exception:

Mom: "You look nice today, Sam"

Sam:"Thanks. Me and my brah made some rules to help us get the girls, cuz we're just not getting them."

Mom:"Oh yeah? Like what kinda rules?"

Sam: "Well, first of all, you hafta dress good. The ladies don't like ugly clothes."

Mom: "That makes sense. It's always good to try and look your best. What else?"

Sam:"You gotta brush up your teeth real good in the morning. No girls are gonna want to be close to a stink breath."

Mom:"Nobody likes smelly breath. That's true!"

Sam:"Yeah, and you've gotta comb your hair up nice. And wear some cologne. The ladies love that stuff."

Mom:"Makes sense to me! I know I love it!! Is that all?"

Sam:"I also made the rule that you have to wear 2 shirts. Layers look way better than just one shirt."

Mom: " are these rules working out?"

Sam:"Oh, it's only been a few days. We'll have to wait and see."

Mom:"I see. And, what will you do with the girls, after you 'get them'?"

Sam:"Mom, there are some questions you just don't ask. Nobody knows the answer!"

(Not sure if I should be alarmed by this last reply...)
One thing is certain: he's a lady killer through and through!


  1. Where does he come up with this stuff?

  2. Not sure. Aren't girls supposed to have koodies for a few years still?? LOL Wherever he gets it, he's chalk full of it!!

  3. That is absolutely fabulous. I love their perspective on the world. It makes me happy. It also makes me wish things were that simple again. We need to live simultaneously through those precious moments!