Monday, October 26, 2009

Birthday at my mom's house

Hopefully this doesn't look self-absorbed...
The pictures are all of me.
In my defense, I was not holding the camera. Jeremy was. The pics he took are great!
But they're all of me! *sheepish grin*
And, fair warning: I was very spoiled this year.

Cool new clock from Danny. One of a kind!

Lamp for my little cherub's nursery! It looks very nice, too.

Candles from Alex and Whit. They look great in my family room, and make it smell nice, too!

A mirror from mom and dad, perfect for above my dresser. Also pictured: I am wearing the leaf necklace Sam and Abby made, and the awesome necklace Wirth and Pat gave me!!

Birthday cake!! Mmmmmmm.....

It was a great day! I got spoiled, for sure...

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