Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm going there someday

Last night, I took the kids to a friend's wedding in Sugarhouse. On the drive back to Lehi, it was dark, and the city lights were glittering. The kids were fighting, and around Midvale I had had just about enough "Mom, he's touching me!" 's to last a year. To get them to stop I told them to watch for the Jordan River Temple.

Sam saw it first, all glowing white and beautiful. He pointed it out to Abby. We started talking about how cool it is to get married there. We tried imagining how beautiful Abby will look in her wedding gown, and what her husband will be like. She said, "I already know what he will be like! I'm marrying Sam!!" Well, of course you are, Abby. How silly of me!

Then, we tried to imagine what Sam's wife will be like. He said, "I hope she's hot." Then as an after thought, "but, I'll try to like any girl. Even the weird ones."

I told him, "Hot is important, bud! You need to like the way your wife looks. But it's also important that she have a good heart. Can you imagine living forever with a woman who you don't get along with?"

"Yeah, good point mom," came his reply. "You and dad get into some pretty good fights sometimes." (This is particularly hilarious because I think we've had like 2 fights in nearly 8 years, and never in front of the kids.)

"When did we fight, that you can remember?" I asked.

"Once, you were late getting home, and Daddy got pretty mad."

Having no recollection of such an event, but still wanting to reassure him, I said," You're right, Sam. Every normal married couple has some disagreements. But, Daddy and I love each other. So, we always make up!"

"Oh, you do?! Well, that must have been what you were doing in your room when you wouldn't let us in. That makes sense now!"


That's what I get for trying to talk to my kids! Next time, I'm letting him play his DS.


  1. "I hope she's hot!" Gotta love that kid!

  2. oh so cute! I am giving you an award for this: come and see